From Sarah Newby

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Teida has become part of our family. My son has been going to daycare there for 7 months now and we could not have asked for more. It is always difficult leaving your child with someone new. I had my son at home with me for 8 1/2 months! It got to the point where I just couldn't give him everything he needed and I knew it was time to find someone who would care for him and teach him and nurture him while I worked.

When I found Teida it was like things just fell into place. He absolutely loves her and has grown so much since being there. Teida speaks to the kids in English and Spanish and at 15 months he can understand quite a bit! They play games and go to the park, my son loves story time and playing on the keyboard!

Teida is always aware of what the kids eat, as a nutritionist she has helped me to find the right things to feed my son and recommendations on new recipes. He loves her cooking!

I cannot recommend Teida enough. She is a very special woman and I am so happy she takes care of my son.


From Sarah Skinner

Teida Edwards, of Teida's Tots, has cared for our 13-month old son, Sam, since August 2013. Our experience with Teida has been phenomenal, and I can only highly recommend her in every way.

Teida is a warm, loving, compassionate, thoughtful, affectionate, and truly beautiful person who loves the children in her home without a doubt. We watched our son blossom in Teida's care almost immediately, and he has continued to flourish and grow with every week that goes by.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Teida, and would happily provide any further information necessary.

Best regards,
Sarah Skinner

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Teida watches our son who is 14 months old. I can't say enough positive things about her care. She connects with children, loves them, and cares for them as her own! I am happy to recommend Teida's Tots for your child care needs. You will not be disappointed!


From James and Laurin Proctor

My wife and I have brought our child to Teida’s daycare for around 9 months now and we are extremely happy with the experience thus far.

Our daughter is 16 months old and has taken a fondness of Teida. When I drop her off in the morning she runs over to her smiling and reaches out to be held by Teida. 

One large reason as to why we chose to have Teida watch our child was her emphasis on immersing our child in the Spanish language and providing her the chance to grow up bilingual. Although currently our daughter is too young to really start talking in Spanish, she does in fact understand and respond to all words spoken to her in Spanish. Teida has been a great teacher.

Teida makes nutrition an important cornerstone of her daycare and helps us ensure that our daughter is growing up happy and healthy. Teida also keeps education at the forefront of her daily activities with Eva.  As my daughter gets older I am looking forward to the help

I believe that Teida has been a great influence on our child and we plan to continue having her watch her all the way through her first day of school. I highly recommend Teida to anyone looking for childcare services. 

James and Laurin Proctor


From Ron Daggett

We found Teida Edwards through an ad placed on the internet 3 months ago. We set up an interview and took an immediate liking to Teida. We enrolled our 3  year old son the next week.

Our son has always felt safe and content in her home and became fond of her almost immediately. We appreciate her patience and the time she spends providing education for our son. He enjoys her lessons including ABC's, Counting, Eye/Hand Coordination, How to Dress, Potty Training, Music and Spanish. She also provides healthy, homemade snacks and meals. Our son has learned so much and truly loves her.

We highly recommend Teida Edwards to anyone whom is in need of a quality daycare provider. Her abilities and guidance with children are truly impressive.

Ron Daggett
May 21, 2012